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  1. I sign below as either the Student referenced herein or, if such Student is a minor child, the legal guardian thereof.
  2. The Student will be participating in sewing instruction (“the Instruction”) led by Atelier Sewing Studio, LLC.  I understand and acknowledge that the Instruction often involves the use of equipment which can cause injury, including needles, sharp blades, and hot irons. The Student is responsible for paying attention during the Instruction, following all direction given by the instructor thereof, and asking for assistance and additional information as needed. I consent to the Student’s participation in the Instruction with full knowledge of these risks of injury, and I assume and accept all responsibility for any such injuries which may occur, regardless of fault therefor, during or as a result of the Instruction.
  3. I hereby release the following named entities and individuals from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, injuries, losses, suits, and causes of action which might arise from, happen during, or be in any way associated with the Student’s participation in the Instruction (“Claims”). I further agree to indemnify and hold the following named entities and individuals from any and all such Claims to the fullest extent of the law. The parties being released, indemnified, and held harmless pursuant hereto are:  Atelier Sewing Studio, LLC; Angela M. Hernandez; and Arthur S. Lipski.
  4. I understand and acknowledge that Student’s participation in Instruction is contingent upon the execution of this Release and accept such participation as good and valuable consideration for the foregoing release and indemnification provisions.